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MAG Lifestyle Development, part of the MAG Group, is a real estate development unit with a reputation for pioneering projects that span residential, commercial.


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Dubai Properties

Since its inception, MAG has focused on delivering high-quality, innovative developments that provide to various market segments, from luxury to more affordable housing solutions, thereby contributing significantly to the region’s real estate landscape.

MAG philosophy centers around creating real estate solutions that not only provide value to its customers but also enhance the community’s overall well-being. This ethos is reflected in the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and integrity in its approach to development. MAG projects are accurately planned and executed to meet the evolving needs of the market, with a strong emphasis on design, sustainability, and smart technology integration.

One of MAG notable contributions to the luxury real estate sector is the MAG 318 tower in Business Bay, which offers high-end apartments with stunning views of the Dubai Water Canal and the iconic Burj Khalifa. This project exemplifies MAG ability to blend luxury living with convenient urban lifestyles, offering residents a range of top-tier amenities and services.

In addressing the mid-market housing segment, MAG has introduced projects like MAG 5 Boulevard (now known as MAG 5 Dubai South), which provides affordable yet quality housing options within the Dubai South residential district. This development is strategically located to offer easy access to major transportation hubs and commercial zones, making it an attractive option for a wide range of residents.

MAG Success

The company’s success and growth are underpinned by its strong corporate governance and strategic vision, which focuses on identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities.,

MAG leadership team brings a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking approach to the development of new projects, ensuring the company remains competitive and continues to set industry benchmarks.

As MAG Lifestyle Development moves forward, it continues to explore new avenues for growth and expansion, not only within the UAE but also in international markets.

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